Build Home With Attentiveness, Achieve Beauty in Life

In order to accomplish the enterprise mission of “Devotion For Life” throughout the service for clients, JINGHOPE established the property management company in 2005; and after nearly 20 years, the business of the company has spread over Jiangsu, Hubei, Hunan, Hainan, Anhui, Guangdong and other provinces in China.

JINGHOPE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT upholds the Singapore enterprise philosophy and draws reference from the management of the garden city, implements standardized operation, systematic management and human-based service, working on two major service modules of high-end residential building and offices. By focusing on the full-cycle service needs of clients, it has created meticulously a whole-life service scenario, with highly friendly service mode and efficient management system, so as to provide clients with ultimate service experience beyond expectation.

  • 398.48+

    The construction area under management service (10,000 square meters)

  • 18058+

    Owners service (household)

  • 41544+

    Owners under care (person)

Time of data statistics: Oct. 2022


Residential Property

A Warm Companionship

As the primary service system under JINGHOPE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, residential space service is committed to provide luxury-hotel property management service for high-quality residential projects. JINGHOPE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT takes an active role in introducing the "Area Butler" mode characterized by warmth, kindness and affinity; based on the premise of security, privacy and comfort, it tries to achieve "special dealings for special case, one case at each time," friendly attitude, timely response, and professional service; the client's demand will be followed up by exclusive butlers or professional teams. From the early moving-in to basic property management service, from convenient service to life service, from real-estate agent to security protection, multiple services are constructed for multiple scenarios to meet multiple needs, creating beautiful habitat environment of high-end housing and a carefree, peaceful and pleasant life scenario for the clients.


Commercial Property

A Reassuring Companionship

JINGHOPE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT enterprise-business space service covers office, commercial complex, shopping center and other forms, and provides business-enterprise space with full life cycle management service, including property management, comprehensive facility management, pan-administrative customization service, and other forms of business to assist the business-enterprise operation. With the core concept of "friendly, warm, professional attitude and sensible service", JINGHOPE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT offers business-enterprise clients with high-quality service and an ideal business environment, to attract high-quality corporate clients and guarantee asset preservation and space increment.                      

Prizes and honors

As a national first-level property management company, JINGHOPE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT has kept an enterprise image of low-key and pragmatic, insisting on the provision of high-quality service as the foundation of property management development and returning to the original aspiration of the industry. It has won the recognition and support from all walks of life by its honest and pragmatic operation with rigorous and standardized management method.

Since its establishment in 2005, JINGHOPE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT has won several awards in the industry. In the future, we will continue to keep our original aspiration, and diligently abide by the brand reputation of JINGHOPE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT.

  • 2021/12/31

    JINGHOPE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. awarded as "Suzhou Labor Security 2A Credit Unit"

  • 2021/12/30

    Suzhou Gold Organization for Labor and Personnel Dispute Mediation

  • 2021/12/20

    Suzhou JING Villa was rated the 3rd place of "Excellent Management Project of Residential Community of 5-10 years and above" (2021)

  • 2021/12/20

    JINGHOPE Lakeshore Garden was rated the 2nd place of "Excellent Management Project of Residential Community over 10 years" (2021)

  • 2021/12/20

    JINGHOPE Apartment won the "1st place of 5-10 years" in property service ratings of residential projects (2021)

  • 2021/11/2

    Suzhou JINGHOPE Apartment won the title of "Suzhou Municipal Demonstration Property Management Project"

  • 2021/11/2

    JINGHOPE Lakeshore Villa was awarded the title of "Suzhou Municipal Demonstration Property Management Project"

  • 2021/9/17

    JINGHOPE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT (Suzhou) Co., LTD won the title of "2019-2020 Contract Abiding and Credit Abiding Enterprise"

  • 2021/8/31

    JINGHOPE 88 Plaza of JINGHOPE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT (Suzhou) Co., LTD won the title of "Property Demonstration Project" of Jiangsu Province

  • 2020/12/31

    JINGHOPE Lakeshore Garden won the "3rd place of more than 10 years" in the residential project property service rating

  • 2020/12/31

    JINGHOPE Apartment won the "1st place of 5-10 years" in the residential project property service rating

  • 2020/11/1

    JINGHOPE 88 Plaza won the "2020 Suzhou Municipal Demonstration Property Management Project"

  • 2020/10/31

    JINGHOPE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Wuhan Branch was awarded the "Second Red Property Five-star Enterprises" in Wuhan

  • 2020/10/31

    JINGHOPE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Was rated as Enterprise of Harmonious Labor Relations of Suzhou in 2019

Brand Values

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  • Luxury Hotel Service, More Than Expected

    JINGHOPE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT takes an active role in introducing the concept and mode of five-star hotel service management, insisting on the standardization, personalization and diversification of service, and highlighting the initiative of service awareness, diversity of service content, and sincerity of the service process, so as to provide residential and business-enterprise clients with customized service.                                    

  • Stay Advancing, Stay Sincere

    As a Singaporean property management enterprise, JINGHOPE PROPERTY MANAGENENT keeps absorbing the advanced service concepts and management mechanisms both at home and abroad, so as to inject continued vitality for the enhancement of service quality, and gain customer satisfaction through constant improvement. JINGHOPE adheres to its conviction that the essence of property development is to render service, instead of pursuing profit blindly or abusing technology,  stresses the improvement of user experience to ensure the security, privacy and comfort of the living environment, and remains true to its original intention of rendering people-oriented , sincere, attentive and friendly service.                                      

  • Developing Alongside Professional Talents

    In order to keep its output of high-quality property management service, JINGHOPE stresses the discovery and long-term cultivation of professional property talents. More than 30% of the staff in the service team are college graduates or above, and have received systematic training of hotel management standard. Meanwhile, humanized support is available to staff in their promotion and career planning, so that we can work together for a better future.