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Group Profile

JINGHOPE | Aesthetics of Life

The Singapore JINGHOPE Holdings is a comprehensive investment company with real estate and hotel development, art and industrial investment as our main business. Since our launch on Chinese market in 1992, JINGHOPE Holdings has developed many projects, our business covering core cities of the first and second tiers such as Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuhan, Sanya, Wuxi and Nantong.

Adhering to the brand philosophy of "Devotion For Life", JINGHOPE has made "Innovation, Service and Ultimate" as the enterprise development engine, focusing on investment and construction of high-end international communities, shopping center, property management, luxury hotels, art and other fields. Holding fast to the spirit of long-termism and committing itself to be the shaper of urban life-style, JINGHOPE creates ideal community life and international dwelling experience.


The development of an enterprise needs to keep up with the direction of times and changes in the market, while put down roots in the history and culture of the area. JINGHOPE has always been respect and pay attention to the chosen cities since our launch in Chinese market from Singapore , believing that every city has it's unique orientation.

We take "Devotion" as the foundation of our development, and make it translate into the exploration for the future of the city and caring for the development of the society; by integrating cultural communication and artistic expression, practicing the brand's ideal as the operator of the aesthetics of life, and establishing lasting classic works with innovative spirit, we have gradually groped a path that belongs only to JINGHOPE.

Yaufei Chan

Executive Director of JINGHOPE Holdings



From Singapore to China JINGHOPE has acquired glorious achievements. Laid out in 21 real estate projects and 4 major commercial complexes. Invested and constructed 5 luxury hotels, and explored and developed art projects.

We will continue to stick to our original aspiration in the future, to realize our idea through products and to pay homage to the cities with aesthetics.

JINGHOPE Chronicle

Started the development and construction of the " Life Technology Industrial Park", which marks a new era for JINGHOPE's development.


Integrated the group resources to establish the JINGHOPE COMMERCE. Started the exploration on new city development by entry into Wuxi during the same year.


Establishing JINGHOPE CULTURE in order to discover a sustainable asset-light development strategy with art and business united.


JINGHOPE has entered into the Anhui Province, developing residential projects of JINGHOPE Mansion and Star Mansion respectively in two major plots of Huangshan.


Establishing JINGHOPE Investment (Shanwei) to develop residential real estate (JINGHOPE Garden) and shopping block (JINGHOPE Uni Star) .


JINGHOPE entered Gusu District, Suzhou, and created JING Villa as the masterpiece in Suzhou; in August, JINGHOPE developed luxury hotel named as Hyatt Regency Zhuzhou cooperated with Hyatt Hotels Corporation.


JINGHOPE developed villas as the first step in Sanya, and built the luxury hotel named as the Sanya EDITION cooperated with Marriott International.


The group's subsidiary JINGHOPE Investment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established for the layout in the Yangtze River Delta.


The first step in Wuhan; the same year also witnessed the integration of group resources to establish JINGHOPE FURNISHING and JINGHOPE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, which enriched both JINGHOPE's business structure and diversified development.


Cooperating with InterContinental Hotels Group PLC, JINGHOPE has started it's business in commercial real estate development, which led the way for our diversified development.


JINGHOPE made its first step in Suzhou's industrial park, the brand new market has brought new challenges and opportunities for JINGHOPE on real estate development and luxury hotel investment.


JINGHOPE Holdings developed it's first project in Shanghai, which started a new era of domestic development. Shanghai Yanlord Gardens project has established its reputation as a benchmark project in China and won the title of China's 1st 3A residential project.


The Singapore JINGHOPE Holdings inaugurated into Chinese market officially.


Our Mission

Provide high-quality living spaces and experiences for customers through resource integration and innovation; 

Realizes the constant growth of partners and employees.

Our Vision

Construct aesthetic living space through innovative and diversified thinking with an orientation of international vision.

Our Values

Service  Put customer satisfaction as the priority.

Integrity  Honesty and sincerity.

Vision  Sensitivity to new trends around the world.

Teamwork  Sincere cooperation for mutual benefit.

Openness  Keep an open attitude and innovative thinking.

Sensibility  Able to empathize with customers and partners, rich in culture and unique in taste.